Finding the right components shouldn’t be so complicated

We source hard-to-find electronic components and technology hardware for businesses that consistently need the highest quality products.

At Zeebaware, get vigilant sourcing with zest!

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Problem Solving

Zeebaware was born to help solve end-users' biggest obsolescence challenges in distribution and DMSMS interrupters and deliver top notch results that work for you.


We pride ourselves on transparency as we source and deliver top quality and hard-to-find electronic components and technology products.

Big Distribution in a Small Package

At Zeebaware, you get big distribution from a small business who is dedicated to solving big problems.

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With quickly moving technology legacy original parts become more difficult to source

As a result, substandard parts flood the market.

We help take the pain out of the process by providing a team with years of industry knowledge and combine that with rigorous purchasing standards and a demand for exceptional quality so you know you’re getting the best products.

Whatever your challenge, we’ll help to find options that fit your needs.

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Our story and purpose

“Zeeba”, the Farsi word for beautiful, is the fabric of who we are and how we do business.

This beauty is put into everything we do -- from quality facilities, detailed inspection processes to creative sourcing solutions and open and honest communication.

With the increasing complexities in the supply chain as well as a growing shortage of knowledgeable experts in sourcing hard-to-find and obsolete products, Zeebaware’s purpose is to deliver smooth and useful results that work for you.

As a small business, our focus is always on you. Whatever your challenge is, we strive to find solutions that solve your challenges.

You'll get the support you deserve from a team of experts with exceptional industry knowledge, transparency, and zest. Simply put, Zeebaware delivers big distribution in a small package.

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Get the products and services you need done right

We’ll leverage our qualified network of trusted suppliers to find what you need.

Shortage Mitigation

Our vigilant sourcing team has the experience and proven expertise to effectively source from Zeebaware’s global network of qualified vendors in addition to our established relationships with OCMs, OEMs, and EMS providers.

Excess Purchasing Solutions

Zeebaware offers inventory evaluation of excess electronic components and finished goods. Results of our evaluation may include inventory management programs for underutilized assets, offers for outright purchases, lot offers and more.

Inventory Management Programs

For safe storage and management of of your EOL (end of life ) and obsolete items & distribution to partners.

Cost Reduction Services

Our cost savings plans are a direct benefit realized from actions that help to reduce the organization from overspending.

Ensure all of your products are vetted to manufacturer standards of form, fit and function

With rigorous purchasing standards and our thorough and robust testing process you can rest assured that products adhere to the manufacturer’s fit, form, and function.

X-ray Analysis

X-ray Analysis

X-ray analysis is a useful, non-destructive process that allows us to examine a component’s interior structure, including any wire bonding, foreign material, unusual voids, or other possible abnormalities. The interior is also compared to and tested among others from the same batch to ensure uniformity and structural integrity.

Surface Analysis
XRF Testing
AS9120 and IDEA

The Zeebaware team

Meet our founders.

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Sam Tombs

Sam has had the luxury of working with incredible mentors, influential influencers, rockstar sales professionals, and gurus of all sorts all lending her a hand in growing and developing. Her "nothing gets built alone" mindset has allowed her to dedicate her career finding ways to be influenced and shaped by others. This approach has given her passion for developing creative solutions for her customers so that they succeed and get the best products and service possible.

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Kam Jalali

In conjunction with his multinational background, Kam has over 15 years of experience selling electronic components and peripherals to Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEMs. His specialty is the sourcing and sales of End of Life (EOL), obsolete, and other unique electronic components to industries with long product life cycles. Although a supply chain account manager by training, Kam has become an expert in supplier qualification and selection, with high reliability and quality being a top priority. Kam is here to link your needs with the appropriate sourcing channels while always being responsive and transparent to business requirements.

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